Traffic Rules You Should Follow When You Go to Northern Cyprus

In our article, there are many rules that must be followed by citizens or newcomers who take the first step to live in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus if they come by car. Although the rules of most countries are similar, some differences may appear. Let’s take a look at these differences;

Traffic Rules in Cyprus

First of all, right-hand drive cars await you after you own a car in Cyprus. The steering wheel is on the right and traffic moves on the left. The opposite of Turkey. The reason for this is based on the fact that England has been exploiting for many years for a long time. The rules are the same in England.

If you have experience of driving in busy and high traffic areas, it will not be difficult for you to drive a car in Cyprus. First of all, if you get out of a right-hand drive car and get into a left-hand drive car, the only difference for you will be to change the gear with your left hand, although it sounds different, it is very easy to get used to it. Gas, brake, clutch are the same. There is gas on the right and clutch on the left. The first rule after driving in Cyprus is to obey the traffic rules.

These rules are:

Having a speed radar in certain places in the city, (These radars are not hidden because they are fixed, it may be difficult for you to fall under the radar, there are warnings with signs.) In residential areas, the speed limit is usually 50 km. In non-residential areas, the speed limit is 65 km. has. Radar cameras are usually available in areas with these borders. If you increase your speed even 1 km above the limit, you risk being penalized.

Rules and Penalties

If you are wondering about Traffic Fines in Cyprushereyou can access our article . Radar detection is made as going and returning in double lanes.

The first rule after radar penalties in Cyprus is the parking rule. Your risk of being fined for parking incorrectly is too high. Do not park your vehicle on double-wound roads, your vehicle may be towed immediately.

Pedestrian Flow

Giving way to pedestrians is very important in Cyprus. Although this rule is important in all countries, it is not followed. In Cyprus, those who do not comply with this rule can be penalized immediately. The people of Cyprus are tolerant in this respect and give way to pedestrians. In fact, it has to give way to pedestrians. Not giving way in traffic is not a welcome situation

Drinking driving is also prohibited in Cyprus, although this ban is prohibited throughout the world, alcohol consumption is also quite high in Cyprus, as there is a lot of nightlife in Cyprus. For this reason, the risk of drunk driving is much higher, because traffic police practices are done very often. Do not drive drunk. If you are detected while driving while drunk, you may be sentenced to heavy penalties. You cannot leave Cyprus without paying the fines you have eaten in Cyprus. You must pay at the exit. I recommend that you pay your fines ahead of time because you can get a discount with early payment.

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