How to Pass from Northern Cyprus to Southern Cyprus?

In order to switch from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to the Southern Cyprus region, you must be a TRNC citizen or a European citizen. In order to pass to Southern Cyprus with your private vehicle, you need a European Union citizen and a passport. You cannot pass from the TRNC to the Southern part with a different vehicle.

Disclosure: Southern Cyprus Population was recorded as 1.3 Million.

Turkish citizens must obtain a visa to go to Southern Cyprus. Although Cypriot citizens can benefit from the free movement law on the islands, Turkish citizens must have a Passport.

How to get to Southern Cyprus as a Turkish Citizen?

First you need to get a visa. By obtaining your visa from the Greek Cypriot Embassy in Athens, you will take the first step for your journey. “What are the documents you need to take with you when you go?”

If you are a Turkish citizen and will travel to Southern Cyprus, when you apply to the Greek Consulate in Athens, some documents will be requested from you for Greece Schengen visa application.

  • Your transportation and accommodation reservation documents
  • Bank deposit statement of your sufficient income for travel
  • Travel Health Insurance with 30,000 Euro coverage

These required documents must be included in your application file.

The validity period of your passport must be at least 6 months, and your passport must not be older than 10 years and look torn.

The Government of Southern Cyprus (Republic of Cyprus) requires visas for all types of Turkish passports.
Citizens of the Republic of Turkey cannot benefit from the current free movement between the two parts of the island.
Visas must be obtained from the Greek Cypriot Embassy in Athens, since there is no Diplomatic Mission in Turkey .
T.C. You will be informed by the consulate for more detailed information about the transits on our island with any country passport other than a passport.

Which Gates Can Be Used While Passing To Southern Cyprus?

You can enter Southern Cyprus through the following border gates;

  • Akyar Gate (Gazi Famagusta)
  • Yeşilırmak Gate
  • Metehan Border Gate
  • strong>
  • Bostancı (Guzelyurt) Border Gate
  • Lokmacı Border Gate
  • Beyarmudu Border Gate
  • Lendra Palace Gate

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